Thursday, August 18, 2011

Book Signing and other Musings

The staff at Eljay's Used Books are either crazy, awesome or both. But I'm leaning towards awesome!

Why awesome you ask? Because on August 20th at 3PM, Eljay's is hosting a book signing with the creators of the sci-fi,paranormal, adventure comic Explorers of the Unknown, and since I'm the co-writer of the book with my partner in sequential crime and series creator, Shawn Atkins, I'll be there to meet and greet with all the store patrons, EOTU fans and bibliophiles who will be in attendance for those 60 minutes of unbridled full frontal nerdity! (the event is 3-4PM)

So stop on by, say hello, pick up a book if you're so inclined, and did I mention Shawn is dishing out FREE SKETCHES!?! Oh yeah, sketches will be dished...dished out good!

And now for something completely different...

My good friend Justin, you know, that computer whiz/photographer/kung-fu master that he is and yours truly have started a podcast we're calling the Distro1 Podcast. It deals with, but isn't limited to, pop culture, art, photography, living in Pittsburgh, events around Pittsburgh, music, comic books, anime, t-shirts, role-playing games and beer...gotta have the brew am I right?

Episode #2 is in the works and it's coming along nicely. The big news around the Steel City is a little movie being shot dealing with the adventures of a certain popular caped crusader. So we'd be remiss if we didn't touch on that for the next show. Consider that your one and only "spoiler". (although Justin hates that term)

That's it for now...take care everybody.

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